Nutrition and Health Coaching Services


We believe the most effective approach to optimal health is working within a multidisciplinary team to ensure that clients feel completely supported. There is not one universal way of eating that is suitable for everyone. Unfortunately, calories and carbohydrates are not equal these days, and it is our responsibility to educate you and your family on the greatest quality and reasonable quantity of foods that will promote a more enjoyable life. Our nutritionist is well-skilled to help guide you find your balance of all the basic nutrients that nature provides.

  • Nutritional Consultations, including adult and child weight management, disease management, meal planning and recipes, grocery store tours at Publix and in-home cooking demonstrations. What you can expect during your nutritional consultations:
    • Become aware of your triggers and how they lead you to certain behaviors affecting your well-being
    • Learn how to redirect negative thinking so that you may begin making helpful rather than harmful choices
    • Receive honest and accurate information about nutrition that leads to a real, long-term solution that is right for you
    • Receive timely, customized assistance to improve your lab values and reach the personal goals that you set
    • Heal yourself with clean eating and self-acceptance tools
    • Learn ways to make improvements even with an overwhelming life schedule
  • Weight Management Program, including monthly appointments, optional weekly weigh-ins, profession nutrition analysis, access to personal training and massage and weight loss medication. We work with each patient individually to develop a personalized treatment plan to meet your specific needs.
  • Diagnostic testing for food intolerance and sensitivities and comprehensive nutritional analysis tools that clarify overall imbalances that you may be experiencing.
  • Supervised detoxification programs as well as customized meal plans are available.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins and Supplements including multivitamins, medical foods, nutritional supplements, meal replacements, detoxification products, nutraceuticals, probiotics and herbal remedies available for on-line purchase shipped directly to your home.
  • Affordable private payment options available.
  • Same day appointments available for new and established patients.
  • Evening hours available for established patients
  • Patient portal available for established patients allows secure communication with the office and with our providers, view office visit notes, access laboratory and imaging results, request medication refills, access complete health history, request referrals and receive prompt medical alerts such as health maintenance reminders or drug recalls.